Welcome to Purrville Cat Hotel

A hotel designed especially for cats!

We have aerial walkways,boxes,hiding spaces,cat-sized furniture,cat toys,cat trees,cat tunnels, individual runs,outside spaces,baskets,a cat grass ”salad bar” and more!

Choose the accommodation type best suited to your fur friends-we offer quiet rooms for shy cats,larger suites for couples or families and party areas for those who like to mingle- and room service is always gratis!

Purrville was first opened in October 2003 by Dianne Dannefærd and Robert Olley, in a building custom-designed to ensure your cat’s stay with us is both comfortable and entertaining. After 13 years of dedicated cat caring, Dianne has recently handed over management of Purrville to Annalise and Michelle, who will continue to provide the same high standard of care and cuddles that our customers have come to expect.

Check out our photo page to see Purrville Cat Hotel in action.

Purrville is now on Facebook and Instagram!

Please visit our other pages to see what we have to offer and to find out what we need from you. Purrville welcomes inspections, but please arrange an appointment with us first to ensure we are free to show you around.

To book your holiday requirements with us please email us at bookings@purrville.co.nz  or telephone (04) 47 70 878.

Purrville is open for drop-off and pickup between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning and 4:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon. If you need to visit us in between these hours please call us first on (04) 47 70 878


We look forward to seeing you at Purrville Cat Hotel!



Annalise Ross and Michelle Burton


Purrville Boarding Cattery