We Need From You:

  • A current  vaccination certificate for cat flu and feline enteritis at the time of boarding-please note that we require all guests to be vaccinated on an annual basis. This helps to maintain immunity levels and provides a safer communal environment for your cat.
  • Assurance that your cat is regularly treated for worms and fleas, and preferably treated two weeks before coming to the cattery.
  • Any prescribed medication – enough for your cat’s stay with us.
  • Any pertinent medical information, e.g. seizures, allergies, or other special health concerns.
  • Sufficient food for any special diet and feeding instructions.
  • Bedding – we provide a bed and bedding but you are welcome to bring your pet’s bed; familiar “smells from home” can help settle your cat in new surroundings.
  • Your contact details and an alternative emergency name and number in case we need to contact you.
  • Your authority to release your cat to someone other than yourself.
  • Payment by cash, cheque or eftpos on departure.